Charity: Donating your time without the costs


One of my resolutions this year is to get involved with a charity and do some volunteer work. Normally I would make a yearly donation to various charities but this year I really wanted to dive in and make a more personal contribution by giving up my time to help.

After doing a bit of research on this I realised that volunteering…Not Cheap!! I looked at spending a few weeks abroad to help out with third world community development, orphanage volunteering as well as animal welfare and all options cost more than any holiday I have ever paid for! :-O

I can appreciate that housing, food and flights for volunteers aren’t cheap but I was surprised that there was no discounted concession for this under the charity, airlines etc so more people are encouraged to get involved.

Refusing to be deflated by this I looked at other options close to home (London) and to my shock, most major (well-known) charities had a “wait list” or an application process that has admin fees! I am totally dumb-founded by this.

However with a bit of help from I found some interesting Volunteering roles in London that sounded great and don’t cost a penny!:-) Here are some of my favourites;

– Mentor a Young Person – Friendship WorksSee here

– Hospital Radio Station Volunteer See here

– Festivals/Events Organiser – See here

– Library Events VolunteerSee here

So I’m opening up my comments feed! Tell me how you plan to donate your time this year.:-) I would love to hear of any other vacancies that are available. Either from charities themselves or if you are a part of a charity please post the role title, where it is and the link and lets help more people give their time without having to pay to volunteer.:-)

I would also love to hear if there are any airlines out there who offer discounts to volunteers who are donating their help abroad.

Lets make 2013 a year of giving!