Socialising on a Budget


As mentioned in a previous post, one of my new years resolutions is to be more social. I think somewhere on my mission to save up as much money as possible last year, I lost the balance between saving money while still living my life. It became almost habit to turn down most social invitations at the risk of them costing me money and time when I could be working or staying home.

After reaching “Hermit” status I think it is time to re-address this situation.

So after giving some past friends a call, email or poke on Facebook to let them know that I am in fact still alive, I began to piece back together my social life by taking control and making the arrangements so they are less costly.

So here are my ideas for socialising on a budget:

Invite people over – Simple one that should be abused a lot more during the winter months, there are many ideas for this one you can use that cost less than £20, such as:

Movie/Games Nights – Microwave popcorn, DVD and a bottle of pop or get a little tournament going on your favourite arcade game, simple way to spend quality time with friends and family.

Taco/Fajita nights – You can buy these in packs and they are a quick and cheap way to get a few people over for a bite. Alternatively you can ask everyone to bring a dish if you want a bigger/different meal.

Home-made Cocktails – Great if the weather is grim and you don’t really fancy going out. Look up recipes online and buy the ingredients to make them yourself, or get your friends having a go to make it more fun.  So much cheaper than buying them at a bar!

Get out for free – There are many places you can visit and explore for free, just a quick search online will bring up places locally to you, pack a lunch and head out for the day.

Some examples:
 – Museums
 – Parks
 – Galleries
 – Markets

You can also try websites like to join like-minded social groups near you.

Go for a walk – Yes I know it’s freezing but it is unbelievably refreshing if you can grab a coffee to go and have a quick catch up with a friend by taking a stroll, maybe at your local park or the woods?

Vouchers – If you use sites like Wowcher, Buyagift and Groupon you can often find bargain spa days and discounts on days out and breaks for you and a friend.

Ticketmaster – Not all concerts and shows have to cost the earth, so why not browse a few bands or shows and see what’s around, some tickets are very affordable for less than £20. Try it 

So there you have it, no longer can I use the excuse that I can’t afford it.😉

What are your tips for socialising on a budget?