Cloud of Poor Judgement


It’s arrived! January Sales!

With it comes the “cloud of poor judgement”. We have all been there at some point in our lives, caught up in the chaos around us, the rush to grab a bargain.
Over-crowded shop floors that are messy and people pushing past and the endless till queues that stretch around the store.

I’m also sure that I am not the first or last person to have gone out into the January sales, became dazzled by all the insanely reduced products available and come home shouldering as much as I could carry.

And then the cloud lifted…

You realise you have over-spent and the majority of items you have purchased you will either; not use, or are starting to wonder what made you buy it in the first place?

Avoid getting caught up in the chaos. Here are four golden rules to sale shopping.

1. Have an idea of what you would like to buy before you leave and write a list. – This will keep you focused while you are shopping, so you can remind yourself what you came out for.

2. Set yourself a shop limit. – Decide before entering a store an amount you want to spend and what your limit is. This will force you to second-glance what you have before taking it to the till, it will help you focus on what you want and what you actually need and make better decisions.

3. Don’t rush, take a break – It’s easy to get caught up in the mad rush and start spending a lot of money in a short space of time. So take a break, go have a coffee, make sure you haven’t made any impulse buys that you may want to return and just allow yourself time to be calm and think clearly before continuing your shop.

4. Review in the queue – Take a second look at what your taking to the till while you’re queuing, do you really need it? Also check garments/products thoroughly for any damage because an exchange during sale periods is a nightmare. If there is any damage that you know you can repair then don’t be afraid to ask for further reduction at the till.

If you can keep those 4 rules in mind when sale shopping this January, then you can avoid the mistakes I made last year!

Happy New Year Everyone!