Winter Wardrobe – One for the Ladies

A change of season requires a change of wardrobe, I’m not required to wear a uniform or office attire for work so I’m often found in front of my wardrobe early in the morning throwing my hands up in exasperation growling the words “I have nothing to wear!” through gritted teeth!

So at the weekend I began a little project (about two hours in I really wished I hadn’t) to see what could actually be done with the contents of my wardrobe before I contemplated the possibility of buying new clothes, an activity I actually find quite stressful rather than therapeutic.

So after profuse apologies to my flat mates for covering the entire flat in clothes, I began wading through and organising my clothes to create a winter capsule wardrobe and decide if I do in fact need to make one or two purchases.

Step One

  •  I removed all summer clothing that I know I can’t or wont wear over the winter seasons. This actually amounted to about a third of my wardrobe being emptied out. With the exception of a few dresses and shorts that I feel could be re-styled for winter.
  • I then removed clothes that doesn’t fit and chose to give them to friends (vultures) who eyed my clothes with big grins and a little more interest than merely assisting a friend in her clear-out.

Now that my summer clothes were put into boxes to be stored until next year, and the vultures had bartered over my cast-offs to an arrangement they were happy with (well who doesn’t love a freebie), I could now see what I had to work with.

Step Two

  • I then grouped everything into categories of jackets, day dresses, evening dresses, jeans, tops etc, so that I would be able to find items easily instead of rummaging around in my wardrobe like I am looking for the entrance to Narnia!
  • After that came the fun bit, I began pairing items and hanging outfits together, summer dresses and shorts were paired with jumpers and tights to give them a winter feel and hung up as a finished outfit, I managed to create around 8 outfits (complete with accessories) of which I decided would be my Sunday afternoon activity from now on; creating outfits for the week.

Step Three

  • Once everything was put back into my wardrobe in a way that I could see everything I then took inventory and now I could clearly see what I did and didn’t have I was able to take stock of what I needed (which shortened my shopping list considerably) which is a pair of winter boots and a new coat…..and maybe some accessories😉

So all of this may have seemed a little excessive to some but had I not done this I would have gone out or online and bought heaps of new clothing that I didn’t need or can afford this time of year.

Organisation is the key! I got some great tips from a Thrifty Mrs, her blog gives great tips on organising your wardrobe among an abundance of other tips and tricks to save money, I can’t help but envy her organisation skills!

So there you have it! Before you rush out to buy your winter wardrobe, have a clear out and see what you already have. You will be surprised how many outfits you will discover when you do this. I know I could have easily spent a small fortune on this so I was really pleased with my efforts and it’s wonderful to see my clothes so organised!:-)