How to Eat Well on a Budget – Guest post

Today I have a guest post from a recent graduate, and like most graduates, she is trying to find out where she wants her career to go and how to save money after years of student debt.

So here are Ashley’s tips for saving money.

Living on a budget is becoming more and more important for us, changing something small can go a long way and make a big difference. Here are my top 10 tips for saving money whether you live alone, with a partner or have a family to feed.

  • PLAN YOUR MEALS! Planning is so simple and takes up very little time. Taking time to make a plan for the rest of the week stops any unwanted visits to your local supermarket for a quick ready meal (which can be expensive and unhealthy).
  • Make your food from scratch, don’t use jars of tomato sauce for your bolognaise buy tinned tomatoes and some herbs, it is really simple. If you don’t have time during the week, take some time out one weekend and make in bulk for the freezer. This doesn’t mean you have to eat “Spag Bol” every night, because as the weeks go on you will accumulate a good array of frozen home made dinners to choose from!
  • Make sure you buy produce when it’s in season, don’t buy strawberries in January save them for the summer when they cost less, are British and more of a treat.
  • Buy what you will use. Don’t get drawn into offers that you don’t need. Even if it is a good deal remember perishables don’t last forever and they may end up going off and food in the bin is money wasted.
  • If you do buy packaged goods invest in some good zip lock bags and move the produce into these to store. For example packaged salad goes off far quicker in its original packaging than in a zip lock.
  • Buy in bulk (if you have room) remember if you are storing in the garage buy a bin or a box to store them in to protect from unwanted pests!
  • Grow your own/PYO. Even if you don’t have much room, tomatoes can easily be grown in a plant pot and are delicious! Take your children to the local “pick your own”, it’s fun for the family and cheaper!
  • Become veggie for one or two days a week, this saves money on your meat budget and keeps you and your kids healthy.
  • Take your leftovers into work for lunch! If you make too much rice or pasta the night before SAVE IT, it makes a nice salad the next day to enjoy for lunch, add some peas and peppers and a dressing!
  • Eat before you shop whether it’s online or in the store, being hungry whilst shopping makes you far more likely to buy food you don’t need!

Check out these tasty cheap recipes, easy to make and easy on your wallet!

Simple pasta salad perfect for lunch or a side for a light dinner!

One of my favourite Jamie Oliver dinners, easy, yummy and fast!!!